This 395R class fulfills the LITERATURE FROM 1900 requirement

Greg Clark
MW 12:05-1:20, 4186 JFSB

English 395R: Literature and Culture in 20th Century Harlem

This course will study the literature of Harlem in its cultural context, a context that includes music, visual art, dance, film and drama, as well as the economic and social circumstances shared by those who created it. Harlem in the 20th century was a community of gathering and refuge for African-Americans from many places that, like other American minority enclaves, developed writers and artists who expressed their unique experience, including their economic troubles and political complaints, in elegant ways. Emphasis will be on the 1930s through the 1960s. Students will study literary texts from that period in the context of the Harlem community culture as it is documented in other art forms of the time, in published histories, and in a collection of unpublished oral histories that has been recorded by the National Jazz Museum of Harlem during the last twenty years that students will access.


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