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MFA Writing Sample (Creative Portfolio)

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If you are applying to the MFA Creative Writing program, you should submit a research paper and ALSO a portfolio of your creative work. MFA applicants must submit a research paper (This sample should show the admissions committee that you are capable of graduate-level research; primary and secondary sources, citations, bibliography, end/foot notes, etc.  The subject of the paper does not necessarily need to English or English related.) and a creative portfolio to be considered. The  creative portfolio should consist of literary writing of a single genre–poetry, fiction, or nonfiction. Submit twenty double-spaced pages of prose or ten pages of poetry. Please specify the genre at the top of your submission. Submissions which exceed the page limit will not be considered. Creative writers, of course, should also submit their best work–a group of poems, a short story, a novel chapter, or whatever.  The writing sample should demonstrate clearly that you can do the work that will be required of you in the program, specifically that you can integrate theory and/or criticism into your own arguments.

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