Creative Writing Minor – Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the creative writing minor will be able to demonstrate competency in several of the following outcomes:
1. Understand and explain principles of creative writing, including form, technique, and style.
2. Deepen that understanding by interpreting and evaluating both published works and the works of peer writers.
3. Apply these principles to produce poems, stories, or essays.
4. Become familiar with the publishing process in the literary market and improve as a writer by submitting work to literary journals and participating in the writing community.
5. Apply principles of creative writing to improve communication in a variety of contexts, including personal, academic, and public life.

Note for Non-English major students preparing for BYU’s MFA program in creative writing: In addition to completing the creative writing minor, non-English major students are strongly encouraged to take ENGL 295 and at least one additional 300-level English literature seminar.  See the English Department for further information.


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