The Young Family Christmas Quiz 2006

We're terribly late getting our Christmas quiz out--the latest (well into January) we've ever been. We had an exciting year and a wonderful Christmas, but we seem to be slowing down in our old age. Anyway, you've already read all your other Christmas cards, so you can give this one your undivided attention. We hope you enjoy it.

1. In July Bruce went to Brisbane, Australia, to attend:

2. Margaret took Michael and Julie to Guatemala for a month, where they

3. Julie, who recently turned 18, has many interests, including art, photography, film making, writing poetry and essays, and writing to a missionary. She is primed for early high school graduation and then plans on

4. Fifteen-year-old Michael has started high school. He loves all of the following EXCEPT

5. Salt Lake City did a magnificent job hosting this year's AAHGS conference. Margaret attended, gave a presentation, and even helped lead a bus tour. AAHGS stands for:

6. While in Guatemala, Margaret and the kids were joined by Bruce for ten days. During this time, they went to Tikal and Belize. In Belize

7. In Tikal, the Youngs saw

8. Rob recently finished writing a novel and now works as an account manager for Heritage Web Solutions. During 2006 he returned from Cedar City to Provo and also returned to the theater, where he reprised his role as Major General in Pirates of Penzance. This time, however, there was a change . . .

9. Kaila and Noah (who both graduated from BYU in 2006) completed remodeling their home and promptly sold it, then moved to

10. In addition to our international travel, we spent time this year in

11. The most macho thing Bruce did this year was

Love, and best wishes,
The Youngs

Note: If you'd like a paper copy of the quiz, click here and print. For the Provo Utah Central Stake Christmas letter, click here.