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English Major Admitted to Law School on Full Tuition Scholarship


Heidi Grether received happy news last week: she is admitted to the BYU Law School! When asked about how her English studies may have helped her accomplish this goal, Heather said, “In addition to excellent professors who have helped me with personal statements and letters of recommendation, the coursework I have completed as an English major has been crucial to my journey to law school. For example, I took ‘Rhetoric, Leadership, and Ethics’ last semester from Professor Nancy Christiansen.  It taught me a lot about the function of rhetoric and logic in literature and in today’s world.”

In Heidi’s application interview, the admissions committee was particularly interested in the research Heather completed for course papers and presented at the English Symposium.

Heidi says, “The experiences I’ve had as an English major have been an excellent first step in applying to and preparing for law school.”

Classes with great professors, writing papers, and the English Symposium helped this English major make one of her dreams a reality.

See below for information on how to present at the English Symposium.