Adjunct Faculty Research and Creative Works Award

Cristie Charles’s contributions to the University and its students go beyond her own classroom. In the last two years, Cristie has taken on the responsibility of developing a free, open-source textbook for our English 315 course. When the previous text became outdated and too costly for students, Cristie stepped up to assume the role of coordinator for this time-intensive and challenging project. She coordinated with several fellow teachers who have written chapters for the new text; she patiently and tirelessly reviewed drafts of chapters to provide feedback and direction; she’s coordinated beta testing of the textbook in English 315 courses; she’s worked both with BYU and with an online textbook publisher to get the book into a format that would make it most accessible to students. She worked creatively to find funding to compensate the authors who’ve contributed to the textbook, and she has done so out of her commitment to the idea that adjunct faculty deserve compensation for the efforts they make above and beyond teaching in the classroom. The finished book embraces the best aspects of online textbooks and open-source resources. It has been received positively by students and will be a valuable resource for Writing in the Social Sciences course for many years to come. Teachers from other departments have expressed interest in the book, and Cristie is heading up plans to adapt parts of it for other courses.


In recognition of Cristie’s efforts, we wish to recognize her as this year’s (and the first) recipient of the Adjunct Faculty Research and Creative Works Award.

(This is a new award starting this year.)