Archipelagoes/Oceans/ Americas Symposium

On October 6–7 the BYU Humanities Center research group Archipelagoes/Oceans/Americas held its Archipelagoes/Oceans/Americas Symposium. With institutional sponsors and collaborators including the Humanities Center, the English Department Reading Series, the Fine Arts Department, and the Rutgers Center for Cultural Analysis, the two-day symposium was dedicated to reenvisioning the Americas not as a fundamentally continental space but as an assemblage of spaces made up of oceans, islands, archipelagoes, continents, and shorelines. Drawing twenty scholars and artists from BYU, UW-Madison, Rutgers, University of Hawai‘i, Texas Tech, the Art Institute of Chicago, the University of Toronto, San Francisco State, the University of Utah, and Penn State, the symposium held six sessions and included a poetry reading by Craig Santos Perez and an art exhibition and artist talk.

(Pictured left: Far left, Hester Blum at her keynote address. Right, Craig Santos Perez at his poetry reading.)

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