Carli Hanson (Internships Test)

Engl 394R Intern at Hope for Utah and Nutrigold, Winter 2016

Current employee at EKR Marketing

My internship experience led to full-time employment, though maybe not in the way you’d imaging. I participated in two internships for Engl. 394R. In March or April, Marilyn at NutriGold invited me to apply for their open writer position at NutriGold. Upon her recommendation, I applied. She later had to come back to me and say that the owners of the company wanted someone with more field-specific experience, and that requirement came after she had invited me to apply for the position. That was disappointing, however, I received an email from Professor Balzotti, inviting me to apply for a writing/editing position at EKR in Provo. I applied immediately and was invited to the office for an interview. I had the chance in that interview to talk about my internship experiences. I was invited back for a second interview and hired. My boss (the one who had interviewed me first) told me my first week two things I found interesting about why I was hired. 1) I was hired over another candidate largely because I had formal editing experience (the editing minor) and the other candidate loved grammar but didn’t have the training. 2) My boss was looking for someone who could not only do a little bit of everything beyond writing (like the design work I had done in my internship during Winter semester), but someone who could collaborate with others in the workplace (again, drawing from my internship experiences and academic experiences). 

In that moment, I was so grateful for the Editing minor and for the Engl. 394R class that pushed me to participate in two internships I wouldn’t have done normally (I had already done two previous to that semester). Those internships not only added to my personal experiences in exceptional ways, but they also contributed to my being hired at what has become my dream job. 

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