Changes to major

As of Fall 2015 new English major requirements will help you translate your skills to life beyond the academy:

Academic and Career Preparation

  • At the beginning of your major, you will take ENGL 198: Academic Preparation for English Majors (.5 credits), which will orient you to the major and to university resources, and will introduce you to English+ initiatives.
  • A year or two before you graduate, you will take ENGL 398: Career Preparation for English Majors (.5 credits) which will help you prepare for post-graduation endeavors.

English+ Course

Midway through the major, while you are taking your elective courses, you will take ENGL 394: Applied English or ENGL 399R: Academic Internship (for 3 credits) which will give you the opportunity to translate your skills to a workplace environment.

Extracurricular Opportunities

Along the way, you will have many opportunities to participate in extracurricular English+ activities which will reinforce your abilities to apply English major skills to the workplace, to home life, even to community activism, and church service.


See this chart for an overview of changes to the English major.

Click here for the new English major map.