Christian Allred

Major/Minor(s): Double major in English and German with minor in Editing

Estimated graduation date: December 2018

Hometown: Heidelberg, Germany

Favorite book: Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

Favorite classes: Writing with Style with Professor Boswell


Tell us more about your experience using your Editing minor in conjunction with your English major?  

Minoring in editing has given me a marketable skill that will help me fund graduate school.


What are your future plans/professional aspirations? 

I plan to attend Leipzig University in Germany starting in August 2019. I want to do a Master’s program in American studies and possibly a Ph.D. after that. Ultimately, I am hoping to work in academia or government. 


What have you learned from your major? 

My major has taught me how to think analytically and write well. 


What advice would you offer to a newly declared English major? 

Do it.


Anything else about your writing aspirations:

I really enjoy music and like to write songs. Studying English has definitely enhanced my songwriting skills, and I expect I’ll continue this hobby for a long time.