Emory French


Major/Minor: English Major, Rhetoric & Writing Minor

English+ Experience: Scottish Parliament Intern

Estimated graduation date: April 2018

Tell us more about your experience at the Scottish Parliament?  What did you like, dislike, etc?

Working in the Scottish Parliament for the SNP was an amazing experience. You are assigned to a Member of Scottish Parliament (MSP) and every one runs their office very differently. My MSP wanted me to primarily work on speeches and research and attend events with him. I wrote five speeches during my time there and researched extensively for a Member’s Bill.

What are your future plans/professional aspirations? 

I plan on studying for the LSAT this summer and taking it in the fall. My dream would be to go to the University of Texas at Austin for law school but I’ll have to see where I get in. I’m interested in medical and insurance law but open to other types of law.

What have you learned from your major? 

I think the Scottish Parliament was an excellent internship given my background in writing and my love for rhetoric. I was so grateful for all the research essays I wrote in my time here at BYU. A good speech is not so different from a rhetorical research paper. The greatest compliment my MSP gave me was that several people complimented the speeches I wrote. This led to him giving me more responsibilities and opportunities to write. It’s a great feeling being able to use your major in such a marketable way.

What advice would you offer to a newly declared English major? 

Do a study abroad or internship outside of the US or at the very least outside of Utah. I learned so much about the world and literature that I never could have had I stayed in my comfort zone. Don’t get down on your humanities degree- English majors have skills that many employers are looking for. Finally, don’t be afraid to get involved in other academic aspects like politics, women studies, science, engineering, etc. because the writing skills you have can be applied to many different types of jobs.