English 318R with Brandon Sanderson

ENGL 318R section 002 will focus on writing science fiction and fantasy. Admittance to class is by application only. Applications will be accepted beginning October 23 each year.  Only the first 65 applications will be considered. Link to the application: https://faq.brandonsanderson.com/knowledge-base/application-for-byu-318-r-section-2/ 


Course Outcomes:

Demonstrate effort and discipline in crafting fiction and display a knowledge of its conventions. Read fiction models analytically, with an eye to authorial intention and technique and be able to articulate the same. Use correct grammar, punctuation, and an appropriate style in fiction. Write a variety of fiction using literary models and following explicit instructions from the teacher. Revise intelligently, edit carefully, and share one’s work with others in the class.

ENGL 490 section 002 is open enrollment for the lecture-only portion of Sanderson’s course. 

Note from Brandon Sanderson about the course.  About Brandon Sanderson.