English 394: Applied English


Students will complete an internship, project, or other work-based experience that enables them to translate their communication, research, collaborative, and/or analytical skills to a professional (or simulated professional) environment.


Students will have the chance to learn new skills and applications to make complement the competencies they have gained in their English coursework.


Students will engage in reading and writing assignments (including a culminating assignment) that allow them to reflect on and articulate the value of their English-major skills to a non-academic audience (prospective employers, community groups, etc.).




Inscape Magazine

Faculty: Jon Bennion john_bennion@byu.edu Joining the staff of Inscape Magazine (English 394R Fall) allows students to participate in the process of publishing a literary journal. Staff members choose a genre—short fiction, personal essay, poetry—and work with a genre editor to solicit, evaluate, edit, and layout for publication pieces of writing that have been submitted to the journal. Students will learn editing and evaluation skills and will practice working with others; they will also learn the basics of Word Press, Photoshop, and InDesign.  http://inscape.byu.edu/

Provo City Lab

Faculty: Jamin Rowan jamin_rowan@byu.edu The Provo City Lab (ENGL 394R Fall) helps students in the Liberal Arts learn how to translate their unique competencies to a professional environment and to then narrate the professional value of those competencies for others. The Provo City Lab helps students meet these objectives by inviting them to collaborate with the civic organizations such as Provo City and Utah Transit Authority to improve urban design, public transportation, and community development.

Podcast Lab

Faculty: Gideon Burton gideon_burton@byu.edu In this applied course in digital communication, students first learn about podcasting within digital culture, then work collaboratively to develop, produce, and promote podcasts for BYU’s Undergrad Podcast Lab (podcastlab.byu.edu). Students learn and follow Design Thinking principles and develop skills in media production, project management, and social media.




Professional Writing Internships

Faculty: Jon Balzotti balzotti@byu.edu The Professional Writing Internships course (ENGL 394R Winter) gives students the opportunity to learn specific professional writing skills and techniques (including technical, proposal, and marketing writing), and then apply these skills in a mini-internship for a local company (students need to be able to work at least 5 hours/week on internship. Internship placement depends on provider and student needs). Students complete the course with a personal digital writing portfolio and meaningful work experience to add to a resume. http://professionalwriting.humwp.byu.edu/ 

Native BYU: Building Living Histories

Faculty: Mike Taylor mike_taylor@byu.edu Native BYU: Building Living Histories (ENGL 394R Winter) offers students the opportunity to apply their Liberal Arts competencies in a range of professional environments, including library and curatorial work, oral history, transcription, and web design. Students will collaborate with BYU’s Native American Alumni Association, the Special Collections Library, and the Office of Digital Humanities in order to build a physical and online space for gathering, documenting, exhibiting, and sharing the intricate histories of BYU’s former, current, and future Native American students.