English Contest Winners 2017

The English Department announced the following scholarship recipients:

Thomas Scholarship

Funded by a gift from the Edwin and Dessie Thomas family, these scholarships recognize English majors in their last undergraduate year at BYU.

Mariah Allen                Malary Hatch
Jacob Johnson             Emily Brown

Christensen Scholarship

Funded by the Alberta Huish Christensen family, this scholarship is for juniors or seniors.

Shelby Ward                  Clarissa McIntire

Clark Creative Writing Scholarship

Given to a freshman creative writing student in honor of LaVerna S. Clark.

Hannah Uffens

Rowe Excellence in Teaching Award

This award recognizes outstanding teaching by graduate students.

Winner:    Anna Low                      Finalist:  Devin Theurer
Finalist:    Nicole Clawson            Finalist:  Alison Blackburn

English Teaching Student of the Year

Honors an outstanding English Teaching major completing his or her student teaching experience.

Rachel Freeze

Parley Christensen Scholarship           

Funded by the Christensen family to honor the contribution of master teacher and scholar Parley A. Christensen and his wife, this scholarship is given to promising graduate students.

Tamara Thomson

Larson Creative Writing Scholarship   

Given to promising creative writing students in the master’s program in honor of poet and professor Clinton Larson and Naomi Larson.

Lauren Wake

Criterion Award for Literary Criticism   

Criterion is BYU’s student journal of literary criticism. The journal releases an annual issue in print and online each late winter/early spring, and a fall online-only issue connected to the BYU English Symposium.

Fall                                              Winter
1st place:   Erin Ritchie             1st place: Riley B. Haacke
2nd place: Jared Willden          2nd place: Steven M. Hansen
3rd place:  Jacob K. Nielsen    3rd place: Genevieve Pettijohn

Locutorium Award

Locutorium is an online journal dedicated to discussions about the teaching of first-year composition. The essays published in Locutorium are written by first- and second-year graduate students.

1st place:   Mari Murdock       2nd place:  Christopher Burright

Thayer Freshman Writing Award        

Research grant awarded to a graduate instructor who has demonstrated a commitment to the teaching of first-year writing, which recognizes the long-time dedication of Professor Douglas Thayer and the service he provided thousands of first-year writing students.

Susan Shelton

Orea B. Tanner Scholarship               

Funded by the Tanner family and friends in memory of Orea B. Tanner, who was a popular and dedicated teacher in the BYU English Department.

Tammy Lewis            Elizabeth Daley          Jace Einfeldt
Charlotte Scholl       Christian Allred           Amie Wambach
Andy Winder             Rachael Buchanan   Scott Darrington
Rachel Heathcote    Rebecca Cazanave

Oleta Bybee Scholarship                   

Funded by the Oleta Bybee Foundation.

Abigail Nielson            Miccah Cozzens
Emily Brown                 Madeline Buhman