English Symposium 2017

englishThis year’s English Symposium was a great success. More than 160 students presented in 49 different panels and competitions, ranging anywhere from rhetorical analyses of Victorian literature, to poetry, to a 3-minute presentation of how Darth Vader is our generation’s Frankenstein’s monster. Hundreds of presenters, professors, volunteers, and spectators made this year’s symposium remarkable and memorable. In case you missed it, student work will be uploaded to BYU’s ScholarsArchive, while some will be chosen to appear in Criterion and Inscape. We would like to extend special thanks to those who came to support our presenters, those who presented, those who chaired sessions, those who volunteered, the English Society, and especially to Dr. Miranda Wilcox, who organized the event. We look forward to next year’s Symposium and hope it will match the enthusiasm we saw this year.


Isaac Robertson

English Society