Graduate Courses, 2016-2017

Tentative Schedule (subject to change)

Fall 2016

Program Requirements

600: Introduction to Graduate Studies (Ed Cutler)

630R: Ocean and Island Studies (Brian Roberts)

American Literature

629R: Modernism and the Image (Ed Cutler)

640R: Studies in Folklore (Jill Rudy)

British Literature

520R: The British Mystery Novel (John Bennion)

624R: Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Drama (Brett McInelly)

Rhetoric and Composition

610: Composition Pedagogy (Comp Directors)

611R: Teaching Advanced Composition (Delys Snyder)

613R: Rhetorical Theory and Criticism (Greg Clark)

Creative Writing

667R: Nonfiction Workshop (Pat Madden)

668R: Fiction Workshop (Steve Tuttle)

669R: Poetry Workshop (Michael Lavers)

670R: Young Adult Novel (Martine Leavitt)

Winter 2017

Program Requirements

630R: Identity Politics (Dan Muhlestein)

617R: Creative Writing Theory (Pat Madden)

American Literature

629R: The Gothic in Literature and Film (Dennis Perry)

626R: Early American Literature (Mary Eyring)

British Literature

620R: Renaissance Lit and Modern Film (Brandie Siegfried)

622R: Literary Modernism and WWI (Jarica Watts)

622R: Victorian Short Fiction (Leslee Thorne-Murphy)

Rhetoric and Composition

611R: Teaching Advanced Composition (Comp Directors)

612R: History of Rhetoric (Nancy Christiansen)

Creative Writing

667R: Nonfiction Workshop (Joey Franklin)

668R: Fiction Workshop (John Bennion)

669R: Poetry Workshop (Kim Johnson)

Spring 2017

Program Requirements

630R: Theory (Frank Christianson)

American Literature

629R: Borges and Poe (Emron Esplin)

British Literature

622R: Migrant UK Literature (Aaron Eastley)

Rhetoric and Composition

614R: Special Topics in Rhetoric (Grant Boswell)