Graduate Courses, 2021-2022

Graduate Courses 2021-2022

Tentative Schedule (Subject to Change)

Fall 2021

ENGL 600: Introduction to Graduate Studies (Paul Westover)

ENGL 610: Composition Pedagogy (University Writing Directors)

ENGL 612R: History of Rhetoric (Ben Crosby)

ENGL 620R: The English Literary Renaissance and Modern Film (Brandie Siegfried)

ENGL 621R: British Romantic Literature (Nicholas Mason)

ENGL 622R: Woolf and Motherhood (Jarica Watts)

ENGL 628R: Memory, Nostalgia, and Trauma in Contemporary American Literature (Trent Hickman)

ENGL 629R: Poe and the World (Emron Esplin)

ENGL 630R: Theoretical Discourse, Environmental Humanities (Brian Roberts)

ENGL 667R: Creative Nonfiction Workshop (Pat Madden)

ENGL 668R: Fiction Workshop (Stephen Tuttle)

ENGL 669R: Poetry Workshop (Lance Larsen)


Winter 2022

ENGL 611R: Teaching Advanced Composition (University Writing Directors)

ENGL 613R: Rhetorical Theory and Criticism (Jon Balzotti)

ENGL 616R: Research Methods in Composition (Amy Williams)

ENGL 617R: Creative Writing Theory (Pat Madden)

ENGL 620R: Seminar in British Literature before 1660: Medieval (Juliana Chapman)

ENGL 622R: Seminar in British Literature, 1830-Present: Victorian (Jamie Horrocks)

ENGL 626R: Witchcraft (Mary Eyring)

ENGL 629R: Contemporary African-American Literature (Kristin Matthews)

ENGL 630R: Theoretical Discourse, Cultures of Nationalism (Frank Christianson)

ENGL 667R: The Personal Essay Large and Small (Joey Franklin)

ENGL 668R: Fiction Workshop (Spencer Hyde)

ENGL 669R: Poetry Workshop (Michael Lavers)

ENGL 670R: Young Adult Novel (Chris Crowe)

ENGL 699R: Masters Thesis (Westover)