Internship Information

English internship credit is given for a professionalizing experience that allows students to use communication, research, collaborative, and/or analytical skills they have gained at the University in professional projects and assignments that will prepare them for post-graduation opportunities.


Internships must:

Last a minimum of 8 weeks (consideration may be given for Spring or Summer internships)

Provide a minimum of 126 hours of on-internship work

Provide on-site supervision and mentoring by a professional in the industry

Receive pre-approval from the department internship coordinator

According to University Internship Policy, the following experiences do NOT qualify for internship credit:

Direct Sales

Work for immediate family members or for other students

Virtual or remote work experiences

Students must be ENROLLED in an on-internship course to receive internship/English + credit.

You can find current internship openings here, learn about other internship programs here, or find your own experience that meets the qualifications listed above.


Internship Opportunities

Internships are available on campus, locally, across the US, and abroad.