Internship Opportunities

Participate in one of the internships listed below, or find one of your own that meets Department Internship Requirements.

Internship Requirements

Current Internship Openings

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International Internships


Academic scholarships, federal student aid, and other scholarships can be applied to internship program costs. In addition, the College of Humanities offers up to $2000 of stipend money to students from the college who participate in these programs. Learn more about College Internship Funding HERE (scroll down to the Internship Funding section).

Recurring Internships


Church Publications Internship


Each semester (Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer), the Church hires seven interns to work full-time in creating and editing content for church magazines, websites, and other publications. Near the end of September and January, representatives from the various departments who work with interns, come to campus to present about the internships, give information about how to apply, and answer questions. Application deadlines are usually the first part of October for Winter internships, and the first part of February for Sp/Su and Fall internships. Watch for information about these meetings and deadlines in The Scoop and on our website





Other full-time and part-time internships are available most semesters with many companies, including the following:

EKR Marketing in Provo

Deseret Book in Salt Lake

Future House Publishing in Provo

Springville Art Museum

Salt Lake Magazine

LDS Living Magazine

Shadow Mountain Books

MultiLing in Provo

More Good Foundation in Orem

LDS Church (Church History dept. and more)


Internship Opportunities and Programs Across Campus