Isaac Robertson

Major/Minor: English/Math, Creative Writing

English+ Experience: Digital Intern at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

Estimated graduation date: April 2019

Tell us more about your experience at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust?  What did you like, dislike, etc?

I adored my time at the Trust, and I miss it every day. I’ve never felt so comfortable so quickly in any environment I’ve been in (regardless of how they call eggplants aubergine). I consider it a blessing that I went alone, since it forced me to get outside of my comfort zone. I participated in every activity around the Trust that I could and spent solitary weekends working on personal projects and traveling. Pertaining to the internship itself, I feel like I contributed positively toward the Trust. I was able to work on several different kinds of projects and on different teams. I learned many valuable skills and was able to experiment with new platforms and projects. I made great friends and had amazing experiences that will stay with me forever. 

I disliked the lack of 30 Rock on UK’s Netflix, but then it was taken away from the US too, so I guess no place is perfect. 

What are your future plans/professional aspirations? 

I’d like to go to graduate school and eventually teach. Wherever I end up, I will be happy as long as I can be in front of a classroom some of the time. Research and writing also interest and inspire me. I’ve always been an idealist, so my dream jobs have always followed along that kind of path: teacher, professor, wildlife photographer, wizard (that was a while ago; I haven’t wanted to be a wizard since I was 22). Right now, I’m planning on entering academia in Victorian Literature. 

What have you learned from your major? 

I’ve learned to rethink my assumptions, and then rethink them again, and then fall into existential dread, and then climb back out and then try to face the world with a new worldview. I’ve learned how to write a compelling argument and defend it, and how to meaningfully contribute to discussions about important issues. I feel like I’ve found a welcoming and loving community. I’ve learned how to take risks and how to continually transform myself. I’ve also been given avenues to help others transform themselves. 

What advice would you offer to a newly declared English major? 

Get involved early in extracurricular activities that interest you. Take risks–in extracurriculars, internship opportunities, or in your conceptualizations of subjects; they pay off. Seek to be an asset to teachers, classes, and club–not to impress anyone, but to contribute to our collective transformation. Enjoy your time; English is awesome. 

Favorite book? Paradise Lost

Favorite poet? Walt Whitman

Favorite thing to hate? Duo Mobile Double Authentication Service clearly not remembering me for 30 days