“Live Life Large: Finding Art in the Everyday”

Professor Lance Larsen and his wife, artist Jacqui Larsen, presented an entertaining and thought-provoking lecture at BYU this month. They talked about how to find joy and beauty in life through a series of anecdotes and photographs. Jacqui did a year-long project of walking daily in a three-mile radius of their home. She photographed items that impressed her, ordinary items such as the sky or a circular staircase. Those items made their way into her art and that art was recently exhibited at the Springville Art Museum. Lance talked about the importance of broadening one’s reading as a way to become more sensitive to art and beauty. He mentioned forgiveness, too, as a means to finding joy. He recommended to audience members that we take advantage of cultural and intellectual offerings here at BYU, suggesting that we “make BYU our clubhouse.”

The lecture was well received by an audience comprised of staff and administrative personnel on campus.

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