McKay Student Essays Published

The Office for the Study of Christian Values publishes a collection of essays for the 25th annual David O. McKay Essay Contest.


PROVO, Utah (Sept. 16, 2014)—The Office for the Study of Christian Values in Literature, in partnership with the Religious Studies Center, has published a collection of student essays on, as the title reads, The Restored Gospel and Applied Christianity. The selected essays were the winners of the 25th annual Brigham Young University David O. McKay Essay Contest.

Undergraduate and graduate students contributed to the essay collection, each writing of their own experiences and aspects relating to Christianity. As the book’s first pages read, “In their own way, each of these essays explores the concept of self-identity. Not only can we glimpse who these writers are through their words, but we can gain a better understanding of what it means to be an individual.”

The 2014 graduate essay authors and winners are Madison Beckstead Bowman, Laura Marostica, Jake Clayson, and Elizabeth Knight. Undergraduate authors and winners are Joshua Sabey, Spencer J. Waters, Katie Duckworth, Bill Hagee, Shamae Budd, and Greer Bates. Jane Della Brady and Rebecca Walker Clarke are editors of the annual publication.

The Office for the Study of Christian Values in Literature, directed by Jesse Crisler, holds symposiums, facilitates writing contests and publishes the journal Literature and Belief. For more information on the office and their publications, visit their website.

—Stephanie Bahr Bentley BA English ’14