Professor Brett McInelly: Research Fellow at OCMCH Summer 2016

Professor Brett McInelly spent part of the past summer as a visiting research fellow at the Centre for Methodism and Church History at Oxford Brookes University. He made significant headway on his most recent project, examining the ways critics responded to George Whitefield and Methodism in colonial America. Though extremely popular among the colonists, Whitefield, as he did in Britain, attracted his share of negative press, to which he responded both in print and practice. While much has been written on the anti-Methodist literature produced in Britain, relatively little attention has been paid to anti-Methodism in the American context. The themes and issues raised in response to Whitefield and Methodism in colonial America naturally intersect with many of those raised on the other side of the Atlantic, but McInelly's research suggests ways that the hostile literature in America was likewise shaped by America’s unique cultural and religious landscape.

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