Funding Your MA or MFA

Funding Your MA or MFA

We offer opportunities for students to apply for both instructorships and mentorships

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BYU’s MA in English and MFA in Creative Writing remain highly affordable. Between the tuition benefit we offer all incoming full-time students, the opportunity most students have to teach composition courses, and the relatively low cost of living in Provo, many are able to graduate from our programs without student loans.

MA and MFA candidates may apply to teach first-year composition courses upon acceptance into the program. Those hired to teach composition may teach one course during their first semester in the program and two courses per semester thereafter. Each student is limited, however, to teaching five semesters or eight courses, whichever comes first. Remuneration for teaching composition courses ranges from $3,500 to $4,000 per course.

Usually some paid teaching assistantships and research assistantships are available each semester. These positions are announced through the department, and compensation and hours vary.

If you are interested in applying for the program and have worked for the LDS Church or any affiliated company in the last 6 months, please contact Heather Hammond at 801-422-3054 or

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