Scrabble Battle Royal

scrabble1This year’s annual war of words pitted the Linguistics and English Language Department against the English Department in a fast-paced speed scrabble tournament to determine which department had the better wordsmiths. Competition was… actually, competition was rather laid back (this is English and not Ballroom Dance we are talking about after all) but despite amiable temperaments, a friendly score was kept and beneath the calm exterior you could tell that in the contest of lexicons a righteous zeal for the written word kept competitors kicking until the end.

Dictionaries drawn, and letter pieces flying like dodgeballs, the final score was… hey it’s the participation that counts right? Who needs a trophy anyway? Besides everyone got ice cream in the end so it worked out. Wait, what’s that you say? You still want to know? All right: THE WINNER OF THE 2017 Scrabble Battles was… (*pause for dramatic effect*) THE ENGLISH DEPARTMENT! Final score: 358.7 to 194.5.

The trophy is on display in the English Department office, 4198 JFSB.