Tuminez Symposium Keynote Address

Dr. Astrid Tuminez began her keynote address by describing some widespread myths about the Humanities, including the idea that they offer students no useful or marketable skills. As evidence against these claims, Dr. Tuminez told her own life story, from a small village in the Philippines to Harvard graduate to Microsoft executive. President Tuminez advised students of the benefits that an education in Humanities can offer, like critical thinking, reading, writing, and the ability to have great conversations. These skills, she claimed, were the keys to her educational and professional success. Particularly, she noted that her writing skills and capacity for empathy, gained from her education in the Humanities, assisted her during her social work for the Carnegie Corporation of New York and in the southern Philippines.

Dr. Tuminez ended her address by offering several pieces of advice for students in the Humanities, like understanding money, learning project management, and even becoming fluent in the language of coding, saying these skills will make them more marketable and prepared for the economy of the future.

Olivia Cronquist
English Major
Soon-to-be Graduate Student