Ty Singermann

Intern at EKR Marketing–Spring 2016

What is your advice to future interns to help them have a successful experience? My advice to future interns would be to communicate effectively on their internship, and to push themselves. I learned that bosses actually like it when you suggest things you could work on, and set goals for yourself. Being proactive like that helps them a lot, and you can even suggest check-in times with them to make it easier for them to help you be as effective as possible. You can use those check-in times to have your work reviewed and ask for feedback. Turns out, in spite how busy they are, they like it when you ask for feedback occasionally, because it’s more important to them that they get quality work than large quantities of work.

If a student asked you about interning at EKR, what would you say? I’d say go for it! This has been the experience that convinced me that I wanted to go into the content writing field for a career, and they give you a lot of chances to learn and build a good foundation for a portfolio at EKR. It’s a great work environment, with lots of great perks like the cereal bar and free lunch Fridays, but the best part about it was the work experience.

What was the most rewarding aspect of your internship experience? I’d say the same thing as the last question. It was so rewarding to enjoy going to work each day and find out that this is a career I’d like to begin when I graduate.

Anything else you’d like to share about your experience? Internships are huge game changers! Not only do they look good on your resume, but a single internship might be the entire difference in what career you choose. Also, I am grateful that I got to learn that working in the “real world” is about more than your field of interest. It’s about how the work flow process is where you work. It’s about the working style and personalities of the people you work with. It’s about random things like, “Do you enjoy working in ambiguous situations?” or not . . . These are the kinds of things they don’t tell you in college, and you’ll learn a lot about what you really enjoy or don’t enjoy by doing an internship! I can’t recommend internships enough.