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Graduate Courses 2022-2023

Fall 2022

ENGL 600R: Intro to Graduate Studies (Mary Eyring)
ENGL 610R: Composition Pedagogy (University Writing Directors)
ENGL 612R: History of Rhetoric (Nancy Christiansen)
ENGL 620R: Renaissance (Sharon Harris)
ENGL 627R: American Literature, 1865-1914, Reconstructing American Identity: Issues of Belonging (Mike Taylor)
ENGL 628R: The Culture of Climate Change (Jamin Rowan)
ENGL 629R: Modern British Literature (Aaron Eastley)
ENGL 630R: Theoretical Discourse (Ed Cutler)
ENGL 640R: Religious and Regional Folklore: Latter-day Saints and The Intermountain West (Eric Eliason)
ENGL 667R: Creative Nonfiction Workshop (Pat Madden)
ENGL 668R: Fiction Workshop (Steve Tuttle)
ENGL 669R: Poetry Workshop (John Talbot)

Winter 2023

ENGL 613R: Rhetorical Theory and Criticism (Jon Balzotti)
ENGL 616R: Research Methods in Composition (Dave Stock)
ENGL 617: Creative Writing Theory (Steve Tuttle)
ENGL 621R: Romanticism and Textual Editing (Paul Westover)
ENGL 622R: Literature and Victorian Design (Jamie Horrocks)
ENGL 626R: American Literature, European Beginnings to 1860: Early American Narratives and Created History (Keith Lawrence)
ENGL 628R: American Literature, 1914 to Present (Instructor TBA)
ENGL 629R: Transnational Literature (Juliana Chapman)
ENGL 630R: Theoretical Discourse: Evaluative Criticism in a Relativistic Age (Nick Mason)
ENGL 645R: Special Topics in English Education
ENGL 667R: Creative Nonfiction (Joey Franklin)
ENGL 668R: Fiction Workshop (Spencer Hyde)
ENGL 669R: Poetry Workshop (Kimberly Johnson)

Spring 2023


Summer 2023

ENGL 646R: Central Utah Writing Project

All Classes Subject to Change