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Study Abroad

London Theatre

London was recently cited by National Geographic as the most influential city in the world for “cultural experiences.” Not only does it provide visitors the most varied and sophisticated theatre experience available, it also offers museums, cathedrals, symphonies, palaces, gardens, and unique neighborhoods established long before the U.S. became a country. Participants in the London Theatre Study Abroad program will live in the heart of this vibrant city of eight million for six weeks, studying and attending productions at the famed National Theatre, Globe Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Theatre, mainstream West End theatres, as well as many smaller “fringe” theatres.

British Literature and Landscape

Roam the landscape that fed Shakespeare’s imagination. Climb peaks and walk the lakeshores where Wordsworth composed his verses. Meditate at the table by the window where Austen wrote her novels. Hike across the Brontës’ moors. Take a meal in the pub where Tolkien and Lewis’ Inklings conversed. Stroll the streets memorialized by Joyce.

In the British Literature and Landscape Study Abroad Program, students will hike the landscapes of British and Irish literature as they develop their own writing and study the work of great literary minds, from the urban intellectual centers of London, Dublin, and Edinburgh, to the wilds of the Scottish Highlands and the English Lake District. The group will visit Shakespeare’s Warwickshire, climb the mountains of Wales, walk the coastline that inspired Keats and Tennyson, canoe Wordsworth’s River Wye, Cycle through Dartmoor on the hunt for the Baskerville Hound, explore the ruins of King Arthur’s Tintagel, and much, much more.

BYU London Centre

The Winter 2023 program at the London Centre, directed by Jamin Rowan (Department of English) and Mat Duerden (Department of Experience Design and Management), offers students an immersive and experiential educational opportunity designed to elevate their curiosity and creativity. Students will deepen their curiosity and creativity through a program that integrates experience design, storytelling, design thinking, and urban studies. As students explore London’s ethnically and religiously diverse neighborhoods, immerse themselves in the city’s theatre and music scenes, eat their way through London’s markets and restaurants, bike across the rolling hills and golden stone structures of the Cotswolds, coasteer on Cornwall’s rugged coast, and hike in Wordsworth’s stunning Lake District, they will learn to think critically about what it means to design and live a good life as well as to make sense of a complex world through the stories that we tell about ourselves.