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Instructorship Information

Acceptance in the English graduate program is not a guarantee of a teaching position, but the information below will help improve your chances. A few graduate students from other disciplines are also invited to apply.
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General Overview

The Office of University Writing employs approximately 60 graduate students Fall and Winter semesters to teach Writing 150. Approximately 30 of these are new hires. A few second-year students who have completed an internship may have the opportunity to teach an Advanced Writing class.

What does a graduate instructor do?

Instructors are solely responsible for class instruction, assigning and correcting papers, giving quizzes and exams, and giving a grade for the class at the end of the semester.


  • Acceptance in a graduate program at BYU
  • Good writing skills
Other Useful Experience

  • Teaching writing or other professional teaching
  • Tutoring in Reading/Writing Center or literacy programs or Writing Fellow program
  • Editing (including internship or classes)
  • Writing professionally

  • Attend week-long August Workshop
  • Attend Weekly Instructor Meetings (Fall and Winter semesters–Thursdays, 11:00 a.m.)
  • Enroll in English 610 (Fall semester only)
  • Observe BYU Honor Code and dress and grooming standards
Hiring Procedures

Hiring for the new school year, Fall and Winter semesters, takes place in Winter semester.

Students who are accepted in the English master’s program will automatically receive a letter with an application form, usually about the end of March. Download the application below for more information.

Students who are already in BYU graduate programs from other disciplines, can pick up an application form from 4110 JFSB at the end of March or download the application below for non-English majors.

The Composition office will conduct a 15-minute interview. Interviewing begins about the end of March. You will be notified of the results of this interview in May.

Successful applicants will be notified of their teaching assignment for Fall semester in June or July.

Other Information

The following gives information about Writing 150 and lists conditions of employment for a newly-hired graduate instructor in the University Writing program.

There is the opportunity of teaching one class either spring or summer term. However, there are fewer sections available during these terms and about less than half the graduate instructor pool receives a class during this time.

New Graduate Instructors who are hired are usually assigned one section of Writing 150; there is the option of teaching two classes per semester the following year. Teaching Writing 150 requires 13 hours a week commitment which includes meeting the class, preparation time, and attending WIMs (Weekly Instructor Meetings). The stipend is approximately $3600 a class a semester.

The textbooks we use in the class include the following:

–Issue reader by the Greenhaven Press, Opposing Viewpoints series with a choice between: Religion in America, Globalization, The Environment, and Mass Media.

Writing and Rhetoric: a textbook written by BYU professors especially for Wrtg 150.

A handbook: Concise Penguin Handbook

Instructors will be sent desk copies of the texts during the summer or receive them at the August Training Meeting.

There will be an experienced WIM Leader who mentors new instructors.

Enrollment in English 610, Rhetoric and Composition, in Fall semester (it is not offered in Winter) is mandatory.

Attendance at the August Training Meeting is mandatory for employment.

Attendance at WIM (Weekly Instructors’ Meeting) is mandatory and part of the contract stipend.

See the University Writing web site for other information about Writing 150 and other composition courses:

Jennifer Lindsey
4110 JFSB
Provo , Utah , 84602
(801) 422-3565 Fax (801) 422-8910