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English Alumni Stories

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"Critical thinking is highly underrated but highly valuable; it enables you to work smarter, not harder, and understand problems in a unique way. It makes you valuable."
"My English degree helped me in every aspect of my life. I am paid to write creatively in a world that doesn’t typically value writers. I am incredibly fortunate."
"My English degree opened my eyes to new ways of engaging with the world, helped me find value in a wide variety of texts including books, movies, songs, and more."
"My English degree shapes the way I interact with the world around me. It is present in the way I interact with others. I treasure my English degree education."
"My English degree taught me to read critically and write honestly—as a graduate student I feel that I’m still developing skills to apply in my career."
"Editing is a huge thing even if you don't want to be an editor. It can get you through the door to a lot of entry level jobs."
"An English degree doesn’t make you a different person. However, the study of literature and rhetoric does create a space to practice empathy, critical thinking, and kindness."
"Concise and clear documentation is essential in medicine, and my English major prepared me well for that. As I'm developing research, I also find that persuasive writing is critical."
"More than anything, my critical thinking skills have set me apart from colleagues and made me successful. I feel like my English degree set me up well."
"Practicing law is about reading and writing, analyzing texts, and creating. It's an ideal path for someone who loved the analytical and creative sides of an English degree."
"My English degree helped me fall in love with people and their stories. English for me was all about learning what others can experience or imagine."